An explosion of amazing emotions…

Besides the fact that is has been WAY too long since I have blogged & I am a bit behind on getting this one posted…… where do I even begin?!

I am absolutely madly in love with what I do for a living…head over heels – obsessed with capturing moments, being able to photograph real,  beautiful love… etc etc.

Add in having the opportunity of being able to do what I LOVE for one of my best friends in the universe……. explosion of amazing emotions.

There have been many times that I have cried behind my camera while photographing weddings – even those of clients that I adore, but that maybe I don’t know as well as I know Lindsey & Kelby. So, I kinda figured going into this wedding that I may just be one sobbing mess (the entire day) while shooting, ha! Luckily, Lindsey & I had the opportunity to get together the night before her wedding. We ordered food to-go & drank wine… lots of wine… and cried… lots of (amazingly happy) tears…drying us up a bit for the next day, haha.


Lindsey & Kelby have known each other for over 10 years. They had tons of mutual friends and spent years seeing each other here & there and becoming friends along the way.

About 6 years ago Kelby moved in next door to Lindsey.  Again, just friends – they helped each other out when one was out of town – watering plants, feeding animals, etc.  After a couple of years of this friendship growing stronger & closer – they realized there may be something more there…

Without going into all of the mushy awesomeness – let’s just say…these two are meant to be together. There is nothing like seeing your best friend happy, and head over heels for the love of her life. Not only have I had the opportunity to watch their love grow over the years – but to then, photograph their wedding…it left me speechless.

I arrived with Lindsey to her Dad & Step-mom’s house to help her get some things together for the wedding ceremony. Originally it was going to be held outside under the beautiful large tree behind their house… until the nastiest weather we had ever seen decided to show up. Rain, wind, COLD, tornado warnings… you name it! Luckily, Lindsey and her crafty ways were in motion & we (mainly SHE!) turned their old pool house into an incredible ceremony location. OH how I wish I had taken before & after photos! You will see the after below, but you would never guess it was a pool house full of chairs, etc about 2-3 hours before…

As soon as the ceremony began – the weather cleared. (Go figure right?!) But it left the most amazing clouds & the best scenery for photos of the newlyweds…

Okay, okay… enough of my ramble before I start crying – 2 months post-wedding, haha!


I love you two with all of my heart!!







Crafty as always, Linds made her own beautiful bouquet




Sister love with the wedding dress


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