An explosion of amazing emotions…

Besides the fact that is has been WAY too long since I have blogged & I am a bit behind on getting this one posted…… where do I even begin?!

I am absolutely madly in love with what I do for a living…head over heels – obsessed with capturing moments, being able to photograph real,  beautiful love… etc etc.

Add in having the opportunity of being able to do what I LOVE for one of my best friends in the universe……. explosion of amazing emotions.

There have been many times that I have cried behind my camera while photographing weddings – even those of clients that I adore, but that maybe I don’t know as well as I know Lindsey & Kelby. So, I kinda figured going into this wedding that I may just be one sobbing mess (the entire day) while shooting, ha! Luckily, Lindsey & I had the opportunity to get together the night before her wedding. We ordered food to-go & drank wine… lots of wine… and cried… lots of (amazingly happy) tears…drying us up a bit for the next day, haha.


Lindsey & Kelby have known each other for over 10 years. They had tons of mutual friends and spent years seeing each other here & there and becoming friends along the way.

About 6 years ago Kelby moved in next door to Lindsey.  Again, just friends – they helped each other out when one was out of town – watering plants, feeding animals, etc.  After a couple of years of this friendship growing stronger & closer – they realized there may be something more there…

Without going into all of the mushy awesomeness – let’s just say…these two are meant to be together. There is nothing like seeing your best friend happy, and head over heels for the love of her life. Not only have I had the opportunity to watch their love grow over the years – but to then, photograph their wedding…it left me speechless.

I arrived with Lindsey to her Dad & Step-mom’s house to help her get some things together for the wedding ceremony. Originally it was going to be held outside under the beautiful large tree behind their house… until the nastiest weather we had ever seen decided to show up. Rain, wind, COLD, tornado warnings… you name it! Luckily, Lindsey and her crafty ways were in motion & we (mainly SHE!) turned their old pool house into an incredible ceremony location. OH how I wish I had taken before & after photos! You will see the after below, but you would never guess it was a pool house full of chairs, etc about 2-3 hours before…

As soon as the ceremony began – the weather cleared. (Go figure right?!) But it left the most amazing clouds & the best scenery for photos of the newlyweds…

Okay, okay… enough of my ramble before I start crying – 2 months post-wedding, haha!


I love you two with all of my heart!!







Crafty as always, Linds made her own beautiful bouquet




Sister love with the wedding dress


The way things align…

I have known Brittany since 2nd grade…best friends all through the years, moving schools, moving states… moving across the country… we never lost that friendship.

There were a few years during/after college where we lost touch (I had deleted social media, we had both changed cell numbers over the years) – but when we reconnected after finding each other again – it was as though nothing had changed…

Fast forward a couple of years later after reconnecting.. Brittany was about to graduate college in Bowling Green, Kentucky..I was living in Auburn, California.  We would grab dinner & drinks any time we could when I was back in the BG area.  One night we got to talking about what she was going to do once she graduated college.  Of course, my first thought was – “Hey! What about moving to California?!”  Luckily for me, she was down for this crazy idea too!  Fast forward to this decision being made & locked in – and her journey across the country began.

Brittany lived with Jeff & I for a couple of months while she figured out what part of the area she wanted to move to/be in… but little did she know, during her stay in Auburn – she was going to meet the love of her life.

The story began with each of them catching the others eye at a local watering hole in Auburn – Little Belgium Deli. After passing sneaky glances at one another – Rick swooped in and asked for Brittany’s number.  Not long after – they had their first date…a 7 mile hike at beautiful Hidden Falls. Brittany says Rick was totally testing out her love for the outdoors on that date – haha… of course she loved every minute of it.

This grew into something more – they both felt the connection. They shared the love for adventure & exploring any and all things outdoors.

Here is the crazy thing – they found out they had actually moved to Auburn on the same day. Rick had moved back to his home area from being away for years … and Brittany had of course landed in Auburn from Kentucky. Rick’s original plan was to move on to new opportunities in New Mexico…. until he met Brittany.

Their love grew & it was crazy clear these two were meant to be together. Trust me, I am quite the “Mama Bear” – protective-crazy-friend with my girl friends haha! But I knew he was so perfect for her & she for him. Seeing one of your best friends meet the love of their life – there is nothing quite like it.

They had got engaged last May & I had the amazing experience & honor of photographing their engagement photos during my birthday road trip earlier this month –  from Reno to Alabama Hills, Bishop,  Mammoth & the Travertine Hot Springs. To say these locations were epic for photos…. doesn’t even begin to explain how incredible it all was.

Oh, I must also mention – Brittany rocked the whole thing. Getting ready  & putting her makeup on in their awesome truck/camper.

Okay, enough of my rambles – check out their engagement session!!

Brittany, Rick – I absolutely love you guys & I can’t wait to photograph your wedding this summer!!


Much love,







What a start to 2017…

Their love is passionate & intense. It radiates from them as soon as you meet them. You can see it in their eyes anytime they look towards each other. That connection that makes you smile & gives you chills just by being in the presence of it.

I met Julie & Eric only moments before their ceremony started. They booked me a few days earlier after deciding they wanted some photos to capture their very intimate ceremony on Donner Lake with their kids & their pup Charlotte on the first day of 2017.  I will forever be grateful for their decision. (And big thanks to Jackie, their fantastic wedding officiant – for connecting us!)

The energy of this incredible blended family immediately made me feel like I had known them forever…and it was very clear they were all right where they needed to be, together.

Julie & Eric have been together for 8 years & have spent many occasions in Julie’s family cabin in Truckee – enjoying the beauty & peace of Donner Lake on solo trips, and as a family.  So when they decided to have a ceremony, they knew right where they wanted it to be.

When I asked Julie why they chose the date – January 1st, 2017 – she said, “We decided on the January 1 date because it felt symbolic of new beginnings; a clean, fresh start to something permanent. It was very important to us to have our kids involved, so they understood that it wasn’t just Eric & I that were joining but that we were joining as a
family including Charlotte our dog. Stronger together, the commitment was
ALL of us.”

She had told me on our phone ‘meet’ that she hoped that it snowed that day during their ceremony. I headed out the door early and on my short drive over, the snow began to fall – and continued through their ceremony – it was perfect.  Enough to be caught in the photos, the perfect light fluffy stuff. It was absolutely beautiful!

The sun played peekaboo with us throughout the ceremony, but the snow never stopped.

Throughout the ceremony Eric & Julie assisted each other in wiping the happy tears from each others faces. I couldn’t help but smile the biggest smile behind my camera. (There may have been a few tears myself, I can’t help it!)


When sorting through photos to pick to post for this blog, I absolutely loved reliving their sweet ceremony. The emotion that comes through the photos of each of them looking at each other, being SO in the moment and SO happy to be there, that day – together… it is something I will never forget!


Julie & Eric – Thank you SO much for letting me be a part of your beautiful ceremony!

So much love to you!





Thawing out in Red Rock…

One of my all time favorite places to climb is Red Rock, Nevada.

Jeff & I had some time off at the end of January so we decided to make a trip to get some climbing in before the busy season starts for me & continues for him.

The weather was absolutely perfect. Cool so the rock felt great, but not too cold where we were miserable. It was a nice chance to “thaw out” from the snow at home in Truckee. Haha!

We drove our camper van down on Tuesday – making a pitstop in Reno to see two of our favorite people {Brittany & Rick} in their new stomping grounds of Sparks, NV. We enjoyed lunch & a beverage at Great Basin Brewery & then hit the road –  stopping in Tonopah, NV as a halfway point where we parked the van & slept…. Oh, did I mention – that night it was 10 degrees?? Haha. Luckily we had tons of blankets & stayed plenty warm!

The next morning we hit the road to Vegas. When we arrived into Vegas we checked into a condo we were staying at for a few days – got comfy and relaxed…planning out our next couple of days of climbing at Red Rock.

The next handful of days turned out to be absolutely amazing. Jeff’s parents flew in a couple of days into the trip & joined us for their first time climbing! The trip was seriously perfect!

Now that we are home, our skin is healing & we are on to planning our next trip (for my 30th birthday!!) to Bishop!



Jeff getting all artsy with the camera, snapping some photos of our girl!
Taking a break from bouldering for beers & burgers.
The ride… oh this van, how we love you!
My sweet sweet little adventure family 🙂
I swear she loves me & loves adventure… haha
Happy girl!
This girl… and her expressions/moods. haha
Trying to figure out how to get to the next route…
Jeff trying to make a… less – wet path for us, haha!
Jeff trying to make a… less – wet path for us, haha!
Bro giving the look…
Jeff’s Mom killing it at her first time bouldering!
Jeff’s Mom killing it at her first time bouldering!
Jeff’s dad killing it at his first time bouldering
Jeff’s dad killing it at his first time bouldering
The ladies chillin’
Sometimes the Bro-girl just needs a warm jacket…


Figuring it out…
The look. Haha!
love this dude…


My fella is getting pretty good at this photo-taking thing 😉
My fella is getting pretty good at this photo-taking thing 😉
My fella is getting pretty good at this photo-taking thing 😉
My fella is getting pretty good at this photo-taking thing 😉
My fella is getting pretty good at this photo-taking thing 😉
My fella is getting pretty good at this photo-taking thing 😉
Jeff’s dad Steve on the route
Jeff’s dad Steve on the route
Jeff’s mom Kathy on the route
Jeff’s mom Kathy on the route
Jeff’s mom Kathy on the route
Jeff & his parents chatting about the awesome climb…
The crew waiting for me to set up the camera… 🙂
Group shot to end this incredible trip!!!

Would it be weird…

Hm…. would it be weird to post these? Would it be weird to blog about this?

What will people think?

Does this make me unprofessional?

Should I keep this part of my life on the low-down now?


Ohhhhh the thoughts that crossed my mind this morning after experimenting with some lighting for an upcoming fitness photoshoot. (Keeping it real here, I am pretty sure we all know, I prefer that beautiful natural light…. 🙂 )

Before photography took off – my social media was 100% about fitness….. but has it been too long since I have posted about that part of my life? That part of my life that I live every… single… day….??!!

I went back and forth for a little bit this morning about posting these photos below to my personal Facebook page….. I have clients that are connected with me there now – what will they think?

And… what I decided was…I want my clients to know me. I want them to know who I am. I want them to know the things I am into. I want them to have an idea/vibe of what I love, what I do (other than photography), what makes me… ME. And well, this is part of it.

I spent a lot of years not being sure of myself & not being sure of how honest to be {with others} about well… me! The (very) often quirky, sometimes shy, hot mess of – Stephanie.

I tell terrible jokes at my sessions. Sometimes I am the only one that laughs…Sometimes I trip over things (definitely not graceful over here). And these things used to give me such anxiety – because I thought I had to be a certain kind of person, or a certain kind of
“Stephanie” to be able to do this for a living. And then one day something clicked  – and I realized that I can be me, in all of my not so awesome glory – and do this.


I am Stephanie. I love photography, I love fitness. This is me.

Lets rock.






truckee adventures…


That is the word that comes to mind almost every day of living in Truckee. The amount of exploring there is to do here is limitless! I used to be … well… let’s just say – not a lover of winter & the cold temps. Truckee has forever changed my views on that! It has been so nice being home through the winter & getting to explore the magic that is – TRUCKEE!

Last week Jeff & I went snowshoeing through the woods & to Donner Lake. It has felt so incredible get outside & photograph the beautiful nature that surrounds us here in Truckee.