The way things align…

I have known Brittany since 2nd grade…best friends all through the years, moving schools, moving states… moving across the country… we never lost that friendship.

There were a few years during/after college where we lost touch (I had deleted social media, we had both changed cell numbers over the years) – but when we reconnected after finding each other again – it was as though nothing had changed…

Fast forward a couple of years later after reconnecting.. Brittany was about to graduate college in Bowling Green, Kentucky..I was living in Auburn, California.  We would grab dinner & drinks any time we could when I was back in the BG area.  One night we got to talking about what she was going to do once she graduated college.  Of course, my first thought was – “Hey! What about moving to California?!”  Luckily for me, she was down for this crazy idea too!  Fast forward to this decision being made & locked in – and her journey across the country began.

Brittany lived with Jeff & I for a couple of months while she figured out what part of the area she wanted to move to/be in… but little did she know, during her stay in Auburn – she was going to meet the love of her life.

The story began with each of them catching the others eye at a local watering hole in Auburn – Little Belgium Deli. After passing sneaky glances at one another – Rick swooped in and asked for Brittany’s number.  Not long after – they had their first date…a 7 mile hike at beautiful Hidden Falls. Brittany says Rick was totally testing out her love for the outdoors on that date – haha… of course she loved every minute of it.

This grew into something more – they both felt the connection. They shared the love for adventure & exploring any and all things outdoors.

Here is the crazy thing – they found out they had actually moved to Auburn on the same day. Rick had moved back to his home area from being away for years … and Brittany had of course landed in Auburn from Kentucky. Rick’s original plan was to move on to new opportunities in New Mexico…. until he met Brittany.

Their love grew & it was crazy clear these two were meant to be together. Trust me, I am quite the “Mama Bear” – protective-crazy-friend with my girl friends haha! But I knew he was so perfect for her & she for him. Seeing one of your best friends meet the love of their life – there is nothing quite like it.

They had got engaged last May & I had the amazing experience & honor of photographing their engagement photos during my birthday road trip earlier this month –  from Reno to Alabama Hills, Bishop,  Mammoth & the Travertine Hot Springs. To say these locations were epic for photos…. doesn’t even begin to explain how incredible it all was.

Oh, I must also mention – Brittany rocked the whole thing. Getting ready  & putting her makeup on in their awesome truck/camper.

Okay, enough of my rambles – check out their engagement session!!

Brittany, Rick – I absolutely love you guys & I can’t wait to photograph your wedding this summer!!


Much love,







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