Would it be weird…

Hm…. would it be weird to post these? Would it be weird to blog about this?

What will people think?

Does this make me unprofessional?

Should I keep this part of my life on the low-down now?


Ohhhhh the thoughts that crossed my mind this morning after experimenting with some¬†lighting for an upcoming fitness photoshoot. (Keeping it real here, I am pretty sure we all know, I prefer that beautiful natural light…. ūüôā )

Before photography took off – my social media was 100% about fitness….. but has it been too long since I have posted about that part of my life? That part of my life that I live every… single… day….??!!

I went back and forth for a little bit this morning about posting these photos below to my personal Facebook page….. I have clients that are connected¬†with me there now – what will they think?

And… what I decided was…I want my clients to know me. I want them to know who I am. I want them to know the things I am into. I want them to have an idea/vibe of what I love, what I do (other than photography), what makes me… ME. And well, this is part of it.

I spent a lot of years not being sure of myself & not being sure of how honest to be {with others} about well… me! The (very) often¬†quirky, sometimes shy, hot mess of – Stephanie.

I tell terrible jokes at my sessions. Sometimes I am the only one that laughs…Sometimes I trip over things (definitely not graceful over here). And these things used to give me such anxiety – because I thought I had to be a certain kind of person, or a certain kind of
“Stephanie” to be able to do this for a living. And then one day something clicked ¬†– and I realized that I can be me, in all of my not so awesome glory¬†– and do this.


I am Stephanie. I love photography, I love fitness. This is me.

Lets rock.






truckee adventures…


That is the word that comes to mind almost every day of living in Truckee. The amount of exploring there is to do here is limitless! I used to be … well… let’s just say – not a lover of winter & the cold temps. Truckee has forever changed my views on that! It has been so nice being home through the winter & getting to explore the magic that is – TRUCKEE!

Last week Jeff & I went snowshoeing through the woods & to Donner Lake. It has felt so incredible get outside & photograph the beautiful nature that surrounds us here in Truckee.