What a start to 2017…

Their love is passionate & intense. It radiates from them as soon as you meet them. You can see it in their eyes anytime they look towards each other. That connection that makes you smile & gives you chills just by being in the presence of it.

I met Julie & Eric only moments before their ceremony started. They booked me a few days earlier after deciding they wanted some photos to capture their very intimate ceremony on Donner Lake with their kids & their pup Charlotte on the first day of 2017.  I will forever be grateful for their decision. (And big thanks to Jackie, their fantastic wedding officiant – for connecting us!)

The energy of this incredible blended family immediately made me feel like I had known them forever…and it was very clear they were all right where they needed to be, together.

Julie & Eric have been together for 8 years & have spent many occasions in Julie’s family cabin in Truckee – enjoying the beauty & peace of Donner Lake on solo trips, and as a family.  So when they decided to have a ceremony, they knew right where they wanted it to be.

When I asked Julie why they chose the date – January 1st, 2017 – she said, “We decided on the January 1 date because it felt symbolic of new beginnings; a clean, fresh start to something permanent. It was very important to us to have our kids involved, so they understood that it wasn’t just Eric & I that were joining but that we were joining as a
family including Charlotte our dog. Stronger together, the commitment was
ALL of us.”

She had told me on our phone ‘meet’ that she hoped that it snowed that day during their ceremony. I headed out the door early and on my short drive over, the snow began to fall – and continued through their ceremony – it was perfect.  Enough to be caught in the photos, the perfect light fluffy stuff. It was absolutely beautiful!

The sun played peekaboo with us throughout the ceremony, but the snow never stopped.

Throughout the ceremony Eric & Julie assisted each other in wiping the happy tears from each others faces. I couldn’t help but smile the biggest smile behind my camera. (There may have been a few tears myself, I can’t help it!)


When sorting through photos to pick to post for this blog, I absolutely loved reliving their sweet ceremony. The emotion that comes through the photos of each of them looking at each other, being SO in the moment and SO happy to be there, that day – together… it is something I will never forget!


Julie & Eric – Thank you SO much for letting me be a part of your beautiful ceremony!

So much love to you!





3 thoughts on “What a start to 2017…

  1. Stephanie,
    WOW!!! How do we respond to such an eloquent and thoughtful summarization of our little ceremony? I feel like you’ve known us for many years and had an intimate insight toward our goal. Thank you so very much. When Julie first showed me your photos from our special day, I was not only amazed at the feeling you were able to capture, but how beautifully it was framed by the natural surrounding that we chose. I still linger on them and soak up the images when we show them to our friends and family. Absolutely priceless!
    Also, your description of the event was touching and so complimentary…We could return the sentiment and say that you were most professional, artistic and an absolute pleasure to work with. We, truly, could not be happier with the images we have from our wedding day.
    Thank you, again, for all of your kind words, beautiful art and lovely spirit. We will not forget you and are flattered that you remember our day as well as we do!
    Eric and Julie Johnson


    1. Julie & Eric – Thank you SO so so much for the sweet words, and for allowing me capture your day. It was an absolute honor to be able to get to know you both & photograph your love. I agree, I feel like I have known you both for so long! Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart!! Please keep in touch!!


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