Would it be weird…

Hm…. would it be weird to post these? Would it be weird to blog about this?

What will people think?

Does this make me unprofessional?

Should I keep this part of my life on the low-down now?


Ohhhhh the thoughts that crossed my mind this morning after experimenting with some lighting for an upcoming fitness photoshoot. (Keeping it real here, I am pretty sure we all know, I prefer that beautiful natural light…. 🙂 )

Before photography took off – my social media was 100% about fitness….. but has it been too long since I have posted about that part of my life? That part of my life that I live every… single… day….??!!

I went back and forth for a little bit this morning about posting these photos below to my personal Facebook page….. I have clients that are connected with me there now – what will they think?

And… what I decided was…I want my clients to know me. I want them to know who I am. I want them to know the things I am into. I want them to have an idea/vibe of what I love, what I do (other than photography), what makes me… ME. And well, this is part of it.

I spent a lot of years not being sure of myself & not being sure of how honest to be {with others} about well… me! The (very) often quirky, sometimes shy, hot mess of – Stephanie.

I tell terrible jokes at my sessions. Sometimes I am the only one that laughs…Sometimes I trip over things (definitely not graceful over here). And these things used to give me such anxiety – because I thought I had to be a certain kind of person, or a certain kind of
“Stephanie” to be able to do this for a living. And then one day something clicked  – and I realized that I can be me, in all of my not so awesome glory – and do this.


I am Stephanie. I love photography, I love fitness. This is me.

Lets rock.






4 thoughts on “Would it be weird…

  1. And you are an amazing human being… We have only work together once at Nashville. And I could tell just by looking through your eyes how humble and beautiful your are.
    You through your eyes… Such a passionate, Happy soul!!!

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